Things to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon Before Scheduling a Procedure

Plastic surgery’s increasingly popular image in American culture may sometimes cause potential patients to underestimate the seriousness of the procedure they are seeking. Most cosmetic enhancements are major operations, carrying the same risks and recovery time as any medical procedure, which is why it’s important to do your research before deciding on a surgeon. Here are a few questions to ask before going under anyone’s knife.

1) What are your credentials?

In most states, any licensed MD can perform cosmetic procedures. Making sure you’re in the hands of an experienced doctor should be at the forefront of any discussion.

2) What is the average recovery time for my procedure?

Every individual’s recovery time will vary according to the invasiveness of the procedure, but be wary of a doctor that tries to play off the potential time needed for healing. More than likely, you’ll need to take time off work until your body is ready to resume your normal activities, so be prepared.

3) Can I see a variety of patient results?

All doctors will have before and after results of very satisfied patients, but not all doctors will show you results of patients that are unsatisfied with their results. A truly honest physician will show you the good, bad and mediocre results so expectations for the outcome are realistic. This will enable you to see all ranges within the spectrum of results.

4) Is there a past patient I could call?

Often, the best way to get the “real” scoop on the actual procedure, the bedside manner of the physician, the recovery time and final results is from a previous patient. If the doctor gives you contact information for someone that seems too complimentary to be true, there’s always truth to be found on the internet. Google is your friend.

Any physician respected for their quality plastic surgery results will not hesitate to address your questions with complete honesty, so start your research.

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